In November 2021, Phase 2 of the project was completed with approximately 800,000 cubic yards of rock having been removed from the Middle Training Wall. This phase restored an additional 34 acres of historic floodplain habitat and 1.6 miles of perennial side channels for the benefit of Chinook salmon, steelhead, lamprey, sturgeon, and a diversity of other terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. Where the Middle Training Wall once stood, a side channel now meanders through the floodplain amidst planted willows, cottonwoods, and other riparian species. Additionally, 24 strategically placed Large Woody Structures grace the floodplain and side channel area providing rearing habitats and refugia for juvenile fish at a variety of flows.

Staging of large woody structures before placement within the channel bank.
Large woody structures now installed in the Phase 2 side channel.

In 2021, over 16 thousand riparian plants were planted over nearly 38 acres across Phases 1 and 2, by project partners Triangle Properties and the South Yuba River Citizens League. The additions of these plants jumpstart the riparian forest and provide a myriad of ecosystem benefits including shade and nutrient inputs to the newly constructed channels.

Time lapse showing the removal of the Middle Training Wall in the Phase 2 area.

Large woody structures placed in the Phase 2 perennial side channel. In the background, excavators continue to remove more mine dredging debris from the Middle Training Wall and grade the floodplain.