We are pleased to announce that the Hallwood Side Channel and Floodplain Restoration Project began Phase 1 implementation in August of 2019.

Yuba Water Agency has joined the Project Team as Lead Agency in coordinating implementation per a Board Decision on July 2, 2019. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Anadromous Fish Restoration Program, primary funder thus far for planning, permitting, monitoring, and design work for this project will retain the role of permit holder on all permits and continue to engage in the project going forward. Yuba Water has pledged a good faith effort to financially contribute to implementation of this important project on the Lower Yuba River.

Phase 1A began in August 2019 and is expected to continue through the end of October 2019. The work planned for Phase 1A is primarily gravel extraction to lower floodplain elevations in middle training wall areas nearer to the desired final grade in advance of the bulk of restoration work in Phase 1B, which is planned to begin in spring 2020. The grading plans governing the work remain the same.